Adoption Takes Thought & Patience.
We know you are excited about the thought of getting a bully.  But before you make this decision, we ask that you have done the following:
  • Spoken with all members of your household and come to mutual agreement.
  • Discussed the new addition with your home owner's association or landlord if applicable.
  • Experience the breed yourself.  If you do not currently have a bully family member, we ask that you attend one of our CEBR events or a monthly Chicago English Bulldog Meetup before applying.
  • Check our Adoption Area Map.  If you are not within our radius, we're sorry, but at this time, we won't be able to place in your home.
  • Save up!  Bullies are not an inexpensive breed and having a solid savings account that has an emergency fund is essential.
Before moving forward with your application, please read the 8 Principles of Rescue in its entirety.  Questions within the application will refer back to this information.
Read the 8 Principles of Rescue:
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            Click here for PDF format >>
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Important Note: Much of the intial communication about your application is done via Email. Be sure to check your spam folder frequently to ensure that you are not missing important messages from our application team.
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