CEBR Gets a "Taffy" Apple This Fall                                                                                                                                                               October 1, 2010
Taffy is a 4-year old English Bulldog and is on her 3rd home. Her original owners neglected her and mistreated her severely (she has scars on her legs and body). They left her outside in a kennel and their children apparently taunted her. As a result, she is very shy. She was then taken in by a breeder about 1.5 years ago who bred her once. When he took her to the vet to deliver the pups, she was over-anesthetized which killed all of the puppies. She was returned to the breeder's kennel and then found herself in a series of attacks by other kennel dogs resulting in significant damage to an ear and other large bite scars on her body. The breeder was going to put her down and her third owner (a good Samaritan) took Taffy in where she has been for the last 4 months. Taffy wandered off the normal spots on this new large property and was hit by a car traveling at a high rate of speed.
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Rescue Tales
Smiling Through the Pain
Taffy's Condition at Intake and First Round Care

Taffy was immediately placed in our Catastrophic Care Program. These are among the most severe cases we will see in a year. It is typically weeks and even months before we can fully assess the scope of medical needs in cases like Taffy's and we expect that our Catastrophic Care bulldogs will be in our program for a significant period to complete their medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy. Below is a synopsis of Taffy’s condition when she arrived:

  • Taffy had massive contusions in her lungs causing them to fill with blood and fluid. She seemed to be stable and breathing well, so healing was expected. All procedures were delayed until her lungs healed.
  • Her fibula and tibia were both fractured in one hind leg. Surgery was performed to insert steel plates.
  • Her other hind leg had a large break in the femur. This leg also required surgery to set a pin.
  • Her pelvis had been chipped and there was a shard of bone floating. This was rechecked in both her first and second surgeries.
  • There was concern about possible spinal damage. She is responding to sensitivity tests on her toes and legs but we won’t know for sure until all of her surgery work is completed and she is further into her rehabilitative therapy.
  • X-rays have confirmed that she ingested a tennis ball at some point which must be surgically removed. She is showing no signs of blockage right now, but this could change at any time before the surgery can be performed when she is stronger.
Latest Updates

Taffy has made amazing progress in the first month of her long road to recovery. The road rash on her right hip turned out to be more extensive than originally thought. Over two visits, Dr. Navin removed the dead tissue, leaving a large open wound in which the pin supporting that leg’s broken femur was exposed. Last week she underwent a second surgery focusing on that hip. Under anesthesia, the wound was cleaned, the pin shortened and some stitches were put in to enclose the pin.
While under anesthesia, additional x-rays were taken and the breaks in both legs are mending, although the right leg is lagging behind. Now that the right hip is more stable, improvement should catch up as she is able to bear more weight on it, which will aide in the healing process. The other good news is that her blood counts are now all within normal ranges and her liver hasn’t suffered any adverse side effects from the medications she is taking.

Both Dr. Navin at All Pets Hospital and Carol Jurca, Taffy’s physical therapist at Canine Physical Rehabilitation (C.P.R., formerly The Arc) are impressed with Taffy’s rate of recovery.  “Considering the extent of the trauma this poor girl has suffered, she is showing remarkable improvement”, says Jurca. Laura Wesseln, CEBR Volunteer, recalled the day Taffy first came to All Pets. When she asked if Taffy’s injuries were repairable, Dr. Navin stood looking at the x-rays, his chin in his hand, and after several suspenseful moments said "Yes, I can fix this." With a huge sigh of relief, Taffy’s recovery began and we’ve not looked back since.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the following CEBR supporters that have already made generous donations totaling $1,110.00 to help us help Taffy:  Michelle L., Brent H., Staci L., Emily T., Darcy S., Rhonda B., Linda G., Morghan G., Suzanne S., Sara V., Tom F., Kate O., Jennifer D., Janice K., Katherine S., Cheryl M., Mary Ann M., Julie H., Cynthia L., Gretchen S., Shona M., Elizabeth M.,
Kimberly H., Mara O., Gregory G., David S.

We still need your help! Taffy will need at least one additional surgery and probably more. She attends rehabilitative therapy twice weekly and we anticipate this schedule to continue for several months. Taffy’s medical costs could easily reach as much as $5,000, so your continued donation support will be greatly appreciated.

You can click here to make a donation to Taffy’s Medical Fund. If she’s feeling well enough and in-between surguries, we hope Taffy will be able to join us at the CEBR Rescue Booth at Bully Bash. Please stop by the booth to meet this incredible girl and all of our other great rescue bulldogs.

Safe at Last