CEBR Welcomes Adele                                                                                                                                                                                 December 2011
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Rescue Tales
Hello big big world! I’m Adele, a lil’ bully girl with a giant story to tell! My eyes opened for the first time in a place I would like to soon forget. I was born to a momma who was living a life of torture. You see, I’m a puppy mill kid. My mom lived her life in a cage with little to no social interaction and never was able to feel the soft brush of grass on her feet. She was kept in that cage 24/7 every day of the year. She was bred every 6 months and her whole purpose in life was to have puppies like me. Puppies that could be sold to pet stores. I was pulled from the puppy mill when I was 3 weeks old by a rescuer. You see, my back legs swing around almost like wings. The millers could tell there was something wrong and they were going to “put me down" ...

You can do it. We can help.
The Amazing Staff at Home Depot on Kimball/Addison Help Adele On Her Journey!

When you are this cute the most amazing things seem to happen!  Right after I arrived on Friday my foster mom learned that I would need a “chute” or walking passage to help me learn to use my front and back legs properly.  She set off with measurements and ideas and headed to the local Home Depot to buy the supplies to make what she now calls the “Bully Boardwalk,” my therapy chute.

She picked up the 2 x 8s in the lumber section and realized that I might get a splinter if I rubbed up against the wood. So she decided to head over to flooring to see if there was some sort of covering that could wrap around the wood to make a safe passage for me. She asked several employees for suggestions and they immediately jumped in to help. When they found out what she was making they did the most amazing thing – they offered to build the Bully Boardwalk for me! Porzia, the store manager, assigned several wonderful Home Depot staffers named Sergio and Belinda to pull all of the necessary supplies and put their master craftsmanship to work. They hadn’t even met me but they saw pictures of me on my foster mom’s phone and knew they had to help. They fell in love with this sweet face. Who could blame them?

They told my foster mom to come back a few hours later and that it would be all finished.  She was so grateful she was crying. They were so kind to her and to my struggles.

As a surprise she brought me to the store with her when she went to pick up the Boardwalk.  What happened couldn’t have been more magical! She and I got to meet all of the kind employees who helped make my therapy tunnel with so much TLC. They got to hold me and love me and my first steps in the Bully Boardwalk were successful! I walked with the help of my foster mom.  I showed them it worked!

They built me the most beautiful therapy tool. It has smooth rubber sides that have grips to help me anchor myself.  The carpet lining on the bottom is nubby so that I can get a good foothold. It is adjustable so that when I grow, it can grow with me. It is nothing short of perfect. They were so generous that they donated the entire project including supplies to CEBR! And to top it off when the Bully Boardwalk didn’t quite fit in my foster mom’s car, they offered a Home Depot truck to drive it home! So Sergio hand delivered his beautiful creation.  Thanks to Porzia, Sergio and Belinda I am going to walk. I just know it.

If you are in the area, please be sure to stop in the Home Depot at 3500 N Kimball Ave and say thank you to their amazing team. Or better yet, drop a line to the paper or Home Depot management telling them that their kind hearted employees have made a huge difference in my life and the lives of CEBR rescues.

THANK YOU HOME DEPOT!  I can’t wait to see you all again.  I plan to walk in next time!


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