What's in a Name -- Meet Lucky                                                                                                                                                                       August 1, 2010
Just when you thought you had heard every possible story about animal cruelty and abuse, along comes another one that is even more disturbing than the last. Meet Lucky...and her name says it all.
Hers is an inspirational story of strength, courage, spirit and a new beginning for this 1.5 year old angel.

To say that Lucky was denied her puppyhood is an understatement. She was purchased by a man in the southern U.S. with the intent of breeding her, but when she became pregnant (presumably not by an English Bulldog) he decided he didn't want the puppies. To attempt to force a miscarriage he first tried kicking her regularly, and when that didn't work he began starving her.

By the time the local Animal Care & Control agency was able to take control of the case, Lucky’s puppies were gone (he claims she ate them) and in addition to severe emaciation, Lucky was infected with mange, hookworms, tapeworms and heartworm. She was a very sick little girl and would have most likely been

euthanized if it were not for a good Samaritan that saw her in the shelter and worked with the shelter to get Lucky into the CEBR program. Utilizing the full resources of our rescue, a multi-state transport brought Lucky to Chicago and a new loving foster home that would be with her through her medical and emotional rehabilitation.

Lucky has made incredible progress since her arrival in Chicago but she still has the most difficult part of her medical treatment ahead of her- heartworm treatment. Her mange and skin issues have stabilized and we’re seeing improvement every week. She began her first heartworm treatment in July and it was difficult but she has been a trooper. After an early setback, she continues to get closer to her optimal weight and is now at 54 lbs. Best of all, she’s learning to be a puppy by playing with people and other dogs, learning her commands, loving praise and treats, and enjoying wonderful evenings on the sofa with her head in her foster Dad’s lap.

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