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BREAKING NEWS  ---   Project Hope
Just eight days into the new year, Chicago English Bulldog Rescue was called to action for a rescue project involving three different puppy mills in the Midwest. We have named this incredible and heartwarming mission Project Hope 2012. It took the effort of three rescue organizations to make Project Hope happen, but eight beautiful bulldogs that came from horrendous conditons are now in CEBR's care and have already begun their medical rehabilitation. 
The Project Hope 8, previously known only as a number or an unnamed face in a crate, had been used up and were sick and were no longer producing puppies for money so they were to be discarded as trash. But thanks to our volunteers and supporters we weren't about to let that happen.

These incredible bulldogs have started their journey to a new life.The Project Hope clan are now all in foster homes where they finally have received names and are getting the loving care and attention they deserve.


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