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Penny is learning how to enjoy the good life. She is now a professional blanket fluffer and starting to figure out how to play with toys. The first few days we had her she was treating her toys like her babies because she kinows nothing else but to care for them. It was quite sad because she had recently lost a  litter a week before she was rescued. She had gone into labor and was in distress. Her puppies all died before anyone came to check on her. Now Penny is coming out of her shell and becoming a little more confident every day. As for potty training, no problem! She has that figured out and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. One of her favorite things is a belly rub and she won’t forget to say thanks with plenty of kisses. Penny is such a little sweetheart and will make a great companion for one lucky family.
CEBR rescued 13 bullies from life in a Puppy Mill the first weekend in March. Click here to read the full Project ARK rescue story and to view a slide show of the Project ARK bullies.
Cora is a 4 month old puppy with the most beautiful symmetrical markings on her face and a gorgeous red coloring. She came to us with two dislocated wrists, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around. The great news is, sweet Cora's legs can and will be repaired. The surgeon is recommending that they reposition her feet and fuse her wrists for the best overall result. Due to her young age and bones being still being soft, Cora has to wait two months to have her surgery.   For now, Cora will continue having a good time being a puppy in foster care! Cora is very sweet, energetic, happy, loving and easy going. She adores cuddling with her foster mom and dad just as much as playing with her foster sisters. Cora is a little smarty too and after just one week was almost housebroken. She can’t wait to get started on learning lots of cool tricks.
Sugar has made herself right at home! She absolutely loves to be around people and gets along well with her doggie foster brothers and sisters  as well as the cats at her foster home.   She has become the social director of the family and is always on the lookout for new things to do and games to play! She is such a sweet, beautiful girl. Luckily her pregnancy turned out to be a "false pregnancy" so she is now officialy retired from a life of breeding and will be spayed soon.
Juliette is very quickly catching onto and loving her new lease on life -- being in a warm happy home with a family and her bully foster sister. Her name is so fitting as she is a hopeless romantic, always wanting to be as close to you as possible, or better yet, laying in your lap being petted endlessly. She has been dubbed as our pin-up girl due to her trademark sit where she twists her hips, puts her back paws out to the side and pulls her chest and head up nice and high to be petted by any adoring fans in her near radius. She had surgery to reduce her elongated soft palette which will allow her to breathe much more easily for the rest of her life.
Gigi is pretty very shy and we are just beginning to see glimpses of her personality. She is starting to come up to humans seeking affection and she has discovered snuggling on the couch and loves it. She is very curious about her foster bulldog brother and sister, but has no idea what to do when they try to engage her in play. She is woefully skinny, but extremely muscular and has VERY large paws for such a teeny bulldog. We have not seen a tail wag yet, but we have seen her prance like a little high stepping pony when she is excited -- a preview of what looks to be a spectacular “happy dance”. She is a sweetie, very gentle, and is teetering on the verge of giving kisses to the humans. She is a little weak in the back legs (most likely from being in a small crate and not able to move around much), but regular exercise will help that. She had a severely neglected cherry eye repaired and we are giving her time for her cornea to heal and her personality to blossom now that she is in a safe place.
Jade is settling in well in her foster home with her three puppies! She is the best mom and is always keeping a watchful eye on her pups. Every day this shy girl comes out of her shell a little bit more. She has even mastered the ‘bulldog dance’ for treats (liver sausage is her ALL time favorite) and she follows her foster mom to the refrigerator! She is getting treatment for one of her eyes which was severely infected and has significant scar tissue. On April 11 she had a hernia fixed during her spay surgery and also had 10 teeth removed that were unsalvageable due to severe neglect. Jade is a sweet girl who deserves to spend the second half of her life sleeping on nice warm beds and having lots of butt rubs! 
Momma Jade
Pearl is the smallest of Jade’s pups, but don’t let her size fool you….. this girl is all sass! Her favorite activity is to wrestle with her sister Ruby who is over twice her size. Her foster family is grateful this small girl has such a big spirit because she has some challenges ahead of her. Pearl is the smallest because she has a cleft palate. Because of her cleft she couldn't nurse and needed to be tube fed every three hours. On April 11th she had surgery to close her cleft. We hope to have her eating food on her own in a couple of days.
Diamond’s foster family reports that this pup is a talker, and a silly one at that! When she is squeaking she sounds like a cross between a goat, opera singer, and a bulldog……yikes! Of all the pups she is the biggest snuggler and always wants to be held. She has really started to walk well these past few days and her foster mom knows soon she will be trying to escape her pen. Her foster family can’t believe how much this girl has grown in the last week! They promise to keep everyone updated on this silly girl.
Diamond "Mo"
It's hard to believe Ruby is from the same litter as Diamond and Pearl -- this girl is BIG! But who can resist her tubby tummy and yummy wrinkles! She gave her foster dad a big surprise yesterday when he came home from work. When he leaned his head in to see her, she let out one GIANT bark. He hasn’t stopped laughing since. She’s a big girl with an even bigger attitude. Her foster family is certain she’ll be bossing around all the other bulldogs in the house in no time. 
Hello, it's Olivia here, but please be patient if you call me and I look the other way. You see even though I'm about 5 years old, I never even had a name before. My foster mom and dad call me their little shadow because wherever they go, I'm a few steps behind. Whenever I see my leash I get excited because I really, really, really, really love going for walks and checking out the neighborhood. I have two bully foster sisters that I like to be around. At first they were a little scary but now they're not so bad. I especially like the fact that they love naps as much as me. I also love breakfast and dinner, I get so excited when I hear my food in the bowl that I'll sit on my hind legs and do a few tricks. I love getting lots of hugs and kisses from my foster mom and dad, but sometimes I will still lower my head because I get a little scared.  Don't worry the more hugs and kisses I get, the less afraid I am. 
Jessie is a lovebug. We call her "kisses" because she loves to sit on the couch and kiss your face non-stop. She discovered toys in just 3 days and is having a blast with them. She also loves Nylabones and will chew on them for 10 minutes straight! She is a jumper and we're working on that behavior with "down" and "off" commands and she is responding well. She is only 2-1/2 and discovering what the world is. It's ike she can't get enough attention, play, food, water, toys and bones! She is very good with stairs and very good on walks.  She finally found her voice after about 9 days and has a soft bark -- it's cute.  She loves to play all of the time and loves other dogs.

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Leo has a fracture in his front right leg which is causing him extreme discomfort, PLUS grade 4/5 luxating patella in both legs. This is in addition to an injury to his left foot. We were so sad to hear that Leo has been living with this fracture and discomfort but it just reaffirmed the reason we rescued this cute boy without hesitation! Imagine where he would be and how he would have lived if not for making his way to rescue..   it makes us shudder!    

Leo had surgery on April 6 to fix that fracture and alleviate his pain and they put a plate and screws in his right leg where he had the fracture. In two months Leo can go back to have his left leg and patellas fixed, once his bones have had a chance to mature.
Clara has a real joy for life and is one of the silliest little....er....not so little bully girls in town! Even though she is low to the ground and doesn't appear to be a marathon runner, this little pistol has tons of energy and takes off like the dickens. She likes to lurk under the kitchen table and wait for you to tease her out from underneath. Once out she runs away from you like its a game. She looks back over that chubby set of shoulders and just begs you to come chase. Clara also has discovered the joys of chewing toys. She rounds up all of the toys in the house, bones, antlers, balls, stuffed toys, and hoards them in her kennel. If she can't be found anywhere else in the house she is undoubtedly in her kennel with a bone hanging out of her mouth. But she always stops chewing the minute you walk up.  It's as if she doesn't want to be caught in the act!
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