CEBR Rescues 13 Bullies from Puppy Mills!

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Very special thanks go out to GM for helping us with this important mission. We are so grateful to have been selected as part of their Our Town, Our Heroes project. On very short notice they loaned us four roomy vehicles to transport our precious cargo in style.
Thanks also go out to the West Suburban Humane Society for the loan of crates, blankets and towels to support the Project ARK mission.
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In preparation for this mission our volunteers rallied to arrange transport and prepare foster homes for the arrival of the Project ARK bullies. The 20 hour round-trip (much of it through blinding rain on the way there, and ice storms on the way back) was worth every second of it once we met these beautiful bullies who already have touched our hearts.

Jade is a six year old female that has spent her life breeding puppies. She came to us with her 3 pups. She is skinny and her teeth are ground down to mere nubs. She has ulcerated eyes that continually leak puss. And yet she is the most affectionate and caring mother. Throughout the long journey Jade never stopped worrying about and caring for her babies, even though she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. She would look at us as if to say "Thank your for helping my babies." Jade is now in a place where she will finally get the care she so sorely needs and deserves.

Sugar Mama is full of life and joy. The whole trip for her and Clara (a silly and very pudgy girl) was met with wonder and awe at the excellent adventure they were now on outside of the breeding kennel. Sugar Mama is pregnant and due later this month. We get to watch her grow over the next several weeks and can't wait to meet her litter. Rest assured these pups will be born in a vet's office instead of in a cold outdoor kennel.

Over the next days and weeks we will share the stories of each of these miraculous rescues. We are in awe of these special bullies who have already showed us their capacity to forgive and move on from the barren lives of neglect they have known.

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In order to continue our mission of helping bulldogs in need we need your help. In addition to all of the spays, vaccinations and routine medical care, because of years of neglect many of the dogs that we take in require extensive medical care. We have taken in many severe orthopedic cases that require multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. 

We are committed to giving each and every bulldog in need a great new life, but we can't do it without your help. We are very grateful for the generosity of our supporters and we know you love bulldogs as much as we do. Please consider contributing to our medical fund to help us to continue to help those bulldogs most in need.

No donation is too small. Any amount that you can contribute will go a long way to helping them heal. Please consider donating to our general medical fund or making an ongoing pledge as one of our  Rescue Angels.

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The Project ARK Rescue Bullies
We first removed 8 bullies from a commercial breeding operation in a remote part of the Ozarks. We successful drove away with 3 breeding girls, 1 pregnant breeder mom, and 1 mom with three beautiful 3 week old puppies. These girls were living in outdoor kennels, on the cold earth, with little protection from the rain and elements.
The next day we completed the second part of our mission. We rescued another 4 bullies from a mill in Oklahoma. This mill is infamous for kicking or dropping its puppies and is the same mill that brought us Sally May, Tallulah, Sookie Sue and Dora. Finally, we were able to take in one last bully that originally came out of the Oklahoma mill, but had been housed by an animal hoarder for the past year.

So all in all, 12 beautiful females and 1 handsome male! A huge welcome to Jessie, Clara, Sugar Mama, Penny, Jade, Cora, Leo, Olivia, Juliette and Gigi along with the three yet to be named babies. This is the exciting and happy news. The unhappy part of this announcement is that all of these beautiful bullies came from conditions that any of us would find deplorable. Legal? Yes. Disgusting? Absolutely!

As part of our ongoing mission to help bulldogs in need CEBR will sometimes take on special missions as part of our Exceptional Rescue Program. These missions focus on puppy mill, commercial breeding, dog auction and large scale surrender situations where dogs are suffering, often in hopeless situations. We recently found out about two groups of bullies in Arkansas that truly needed our help and the weekend of March 5, 2011 we drove for almost three straight days to a desolate region of the South on a very special rescue mission dubbed Project ARK. Project ARK was a two-part mission.
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