CEBR freed 25 bulldogs from a life of breeding in commercial facilities otherwise known as "puppy mills." We have 19 of these bullies in our care -- 12 females (1 gave birth to a litter of 3) and 7 males.  We partnered with another trusted, local rescue who is providing foster homes for 3 more female bullies.  The remaining frenchies were transported to Boston Terrier and French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama.  We partnered with them to get the frenchies out of there and agreed to help with transport and rescue.  Meet these beautiful bullies and please, consider a donation to help us care for them!
The Mommas.
Jillian (aka Jilly):  Delivered pups on 1/23/14
Jilly is just over 4 years old.   This poor girl just delivered a litter of 5 back in July.  Buttons and Apple Dumpling are her babies from that litter.  Her 3 pups are healthy!
Porchetta just celebrated her 3rd birthday.  She has had 15 puppies in her prior 2 litters.  She came to us pregnant but unfortunately lost the litter due to a severe infection.
The Girls in CEBR's Care.
Apple Dumpling
Apple is just 6 months old.  She got out just in time.  No babies for her -- ever!
Buttons is Apple's sister and is also just 6 months old.  Playful and adorable.
Addy is only 8 months old.  It looks like we were able to get her to freedom before she was bred for her first litter!
Elsa is also a young lady.  She celebrated her 1st birthday right after New Years.  She's free now.
Emmie is 3.5 years old and just delivered a litter in October.  Her poor eyes are cloudy and damaged from neglect.
Luna is 2.5 years old and recently had a litter of 7 puppies.  She is due "in heat" so she made it out just in time.
Sunny is a very shy 3.5 year old.  She has no idea what to make of life outside of the mill.  She is afraid and only wants to cower in her crate.  We will help her blossom.
Dora has a little more curiosity than most of the mill girls.  She is 4.5 years old and is getting her bearings fairly quickly.
Lulu is one of the older girls from this rescue, at almost 5 years of age.  While this isn't old in bully years, she certainly is shy and shows the emotional damage of years in a mill.
At 5.5 Molly is the oldest of the females we rescued. This sweet girl was a pet that was sold into breeding at 3 years of age.  Can you imagine?
The Boys in CEBR's Care.
This big old lug is about to turn 5 years old.  He is mighty handsome and seems to be adjusting well.
Porter is 3 years old and is full of himself!  On the way back to Chicago he broke out of his kennel and tried to hop into the front seat!
This 8 month old boy is all that -- a rambunctious boy.  We thought we may name him Spunky at first!
This 2.5 year old boy has no idea what to do with himself outside of a crate.  Boy is he a handful!  
At 4 years old Lincoln has sired 19 litters.  This guy needs a break.  He is also struggling with some serious health issues.
Emmett Lee
This little dude is almost 5 years old and is very shy.  He is not quite sure what to make of life outside of breeding yet.
Mandela (aka Manny)
This sweet boy is just over 5 months old.  He is a baby himself!  And he's all sweet, rumply Victorian bully boy!
The Bullies with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.
At just over 5 years old this girl is very shy and will take time to come out of her shell.
This 5 year old girl was skin and bones when we found her.  She needed rescue!
Another 5.5 year old girl, she has 
had multiple litters in several years.
If you'd like to help Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus care for these beautiful bullies, and to see their other adoptable bullies (and dobermans of course), please visit
The Frenchies with Alabama Boston Terrier and French Bulldog Rescue
To support the frenchies that CEBR helped rescue, please visit the Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama at
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