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November 2011

As part of our exceptional Rescue Program which focuses on puppy mill, dog auction and large scale surrender situations, Chicago English Bulldog Rescue works with humane investigators to rescue and rehabilitate bulldogs that come into rescue from horrendous circumstances.

When we got the call about four female bulldogs that needed our help, we were ready to jump into action. The girls had spent their entire lives in small cages being used as breeding mamas and we knew they were in rough shape. This rescue would involve a multi-part transport effort to get them to safety in Chicago.

For the first part of their journey they would be flown to a central meeting point by Bill C. of Pilots N Paws. We would then pick up the girls for a five hour journey back to Chicago.

We needed a vehicle that could accommodate four large crates and supplies. Because of the emotional and physical condition of these girls, a bumpy cargo van which is typically used for rescue missions of this type just wasn’t going to work for this precious cargo. Our heroes at Driving the Midwest provided a beautiful Yukon Denali so that these girls could start their brand new life in comfort and style.

When dogs come in from Puppy Mills they are often very timid and can have previously untreated medical issues. It is important to not only get them home quickly, but to minimize any further emotional trauma. All of the girls will require extensive dental work and Goldie will require eye surgery. Our Foster homes will teach them what it is like to live in a loving home as part of a family. In spite of the harsh life they have had to date, they are all very sweet and crave affection. It is a joy to see them already blossoming with a little bit of tender loving care and attention.

These girls are the lucky few and Chicago English Bulldog Rescue is grateful to GM and Pilots N Paws for helping us to accomplish this very special Rescue Mission.
Watch a short video of the Rescue Mission
Virginia (Ginny) - Ginny is the bravest of the bunch. In spite of the fact that she has staples that were left in her belly (after a C-section) and a dew claw that has grown into her paw pad, she is ready and raring to start her new life. She is meeting her new world with wonder, awe and a ravenous appetite.
Willa - Willa is the timid one. She's not sure what this new world has to offer, but when you speak to her or touch her she cannot stop her little tail from wagging. She loves to jump up and give kisses.
This is Willa greeting a rescuer after she got off of her first plane ride ever. Her teeth are ground down and broken and her mouth reeks of untended to infection, but it doesn't stop her from wanting to catch up on all the years of lost love.
Goldie - Goldie is the character and clown of the group. She has some of the worst neglected cherry eyes we have ever seen and her vision is poor because of it, but her spirit is pure and joyful. She can be very shy, but she dances at every new thing she encounters and rolls on her back for belly rubs every chance she gets.
A safe landing for Ginny with Bill of Pilots N Paws
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